Thursday, June 3, 2010

Another Slow Day

Life for me is lived in the slow lane.

A body needs energy to function, and today is another low energy day for me. That makes even the simplest of things difficult. Even setting us this blog page is difficult for me.


It is not an unusual thing for me to have days like this. The unusual ones are those where I have a clear, active and cooperative mind where I have no problems with working in HTML or writing down my thoughts in a clear and entertaining manner. Today I struggle to think of things to say, struggle to then hit the correct keys upon my keyboard to put the thoughts down where I can post them.

It is a difficult way of life for me, for a person who once made a living from my skill with words.

Today is a difficult day. Neither mind nor body is being very cooperative.

Then why am I sitting here, blogging??

A dear friend asked me to. She asked me to take up blogging as a way to keep in touch, as a way to share my world with her, and for me to follow her life with her blog.

I will work on this blog page as I can. This is a start. This is enough for today.


  1. (((Phyllis))) ~ Yay! You are here in Bloggerville! I LOVE the black background because it is so HONEST about how I know you are feeling feeling bedridden right now! You ARE a survivor! I can't wait for you to meet the PWC's I am starting to get to know here. You can find them via my profile! OK, now you get to comment on my last post, and I can't understand why no one has commented??