Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Christmas: The most terrible time of the year.

Christmas is not one of my favourite times of the year. Christmastime of 2012 was the worst of all.

Not only did we have no family to spend the holidays with, we were subjected to cruel mind games on the parts of our children.

What our son did to us was beyond cruel. We were not allowed to spend any time with our grandson at all, but were twice invited to spend time only to have that invitation revoked at the last minute. It was rubbed into our faces that there would never be a Christmas where we would be able to spend time with our son and grandson again. They would be moving away in the coming year sometime, to where they did not yet know. The only family that counts is his wife's clan, and they hate anyone not of their clan.

It's OK for her to attack us, but it's not OK for us to fight back or defend ourselves.

It's not OK for me to take the advice of my councellors and blog my pain.

It is not OK to do anything but go away and give them all I have before I do.

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