Saturday, December 28, 2013

Pain Poem.

Pain Poem

arrgh... owy... ~sigh~, oh well
My hip is giving me more hell
It hurts to sit, it hurts to stand
It hurts to walk
It hurts to lay on my side
Stairs cause me to stifle a scream.

owy, owy.. whimper, ~sigh~
And thus another day goes by
Not focused upon what I may do
Not upon what I may try
Not focused upon where to go
Reducing pain becomes the only goal.

~sigh~, owy. ow, oh yeah,
I still need to cook a meal today
I still need to figure out a way
I still need to get up
I still need to move
But once the pain spikes I'm lost.

yip, yipe...owy, oh
What to do I do not know.
In the pain I cannot think
In the pain I cannot rest
In the pain I cannot move
I am lost in the pain.

~ phyllis griffiths, 2013

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