Tuesday, March 17, 2015

~ Half Alive ~

I'm feeling half alive today
Half of life is missing
I'm seeing half the world today
Half the world is missing
I'm feeling half of what I touch
I'm smelling half of smells
My feelings are also set at half
I feel something is missing
I feel half of me is left
Half of me is missing
A half of this and half of that
Half again and gone away
Half the sights and half the sounds
I'm here and yet away
I'm half awake and half asleep
Half nightmare, half day-dream
Half too hot and half too cold
Half every other thing
Brain and body working half
Halfway things get done
Half remembered half unknown
Halfway yet to come
Yearning for my missing half
Half alive I am today
Half aware my future past.
P.E.Griffiths, 2015

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