Sunday, December 18, 2016

"Faking It" Through December

December 18th

Past the halfway mark of the month.
Days  now before Yule.
A week until the Christmas Day.
Two weeks until New Year's comes.
Such a fun time of the year!

But when you live in chronic pain,
In debility and woe
Forever outside looking in
Sitting by yourself, alone
One question the soul does send-
Whenever will December end?

"Fake It Until You Make It"
Pretend beyond the "Try".
"Fake It Until You Make It"
When "It" is but a lie.
"Fake It" that you are happy
does not "Make It" so.
"Fake It" that you are OK
just push the "it" down low.
"Fake It"- do the holiday things
when you know you shouldn't go.
"Fake It" does a "Failure" make
when you can't "Make It" So!

But we keep on trying
Pushing until we cry
Frustrated from the lying
Faking it when we try
When there is no way that we can.

'Fake it" that no memories come
Heart breaking that they may be
"Fake it" that we are having fun
When it is hard enough to be.
"Fake It" that we're not in pain
That sickness that we feel
"Fake It" that it's a Joyous Time
When to us it's far from real.

We count the days until it's done
Until it's past and gone.

But for the here and now-

Again we sit here all alone
No place is safe to hide
The world is what it is today
No hope now can we find.

But still we go to do my best
To "Fake It" we still try
To make the best of things we can
Our hurts we try to hide
"Fake it"- wear that social mask
"Fake it"- makes the fraud
"Fake it"- is a public face
To makes outsiders proud.

'Fake It" for the family
"Fake It" for the friends
"Fake It" for the public face
"Fake It" all around.

"Fake It 'Til You Make It"
Does Not Make It So
"Fake It "Til You Make It"
Can be the path to woe.

Soon we won't need to try it
January is on it's way
December will be in the past
We won't need to wear the mask
Each and every day.

Faking It through December
Is Exhausting!

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  1. I'm very much feeling this, this holiday season. It makes me so sad that what should be quality time with family is mostly spent just holding it together. Thanks for sharing and I hope your post-holiday is restful. Happy New Year!

    1. Thank you Sara. May the New Year bring you better days.