Friday, January 13, 2017

The Old Cat Died- Sir TigerTail of Bast - March 1996- January 2017

                                                            Ode to the Old Cat

                                                  Do not have the gall to say to me
                                                     That he was just a cat.
                                                 To me he was my Main Meow
                                                     And so more than that.

                                                 He was my friend for many years
                                                    Close to 21 at that.
                                                From tiny kit to aged tom
                                                    Sometimes angel, sometimes brat.

                                                  When I was sad, he dried my tears
                                                     His purrs strengthening my heart.
                                                 When I was sick he'd stay by me
                                                      He refused to be apart.

                                                 He was poppa to the fostered kits
                                                   And he raised them very well.
                                                He loved them all and they loved him
                                                   As their grief for him does tell.

                                               He loved us strong up to the end
                                                 Knowing his time was near.
                                               With a last cuddle, caress and purr
                                                   He told us he loved us dear.

                                               His love is branded on my heart
                                                   My very soul and mind.
                                              My Main Meow has gone away
                                                  But his love he's left behind.

                                              Sir TigerTail of Bast was here
                                                 He shared this life of mine.
                                             Sir Tiger Tail of Bast is gone.
                                                  His love ever stays behind.

                                                 © phyllis griffiths 2017

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