Monday, October 22, 2012

October 22nd 2012

The weather has turned cold and wet from warm and wet. brr. I have a juice jug of turkey soup stock jelly in my fridge that will become a veggy-noodle soup. The hardest part is already done, and that was in making the stock. I have a bag of egg noodles in the pantry, peas and green beans in the freezer, and carrots in the fridge.

I had to go down to a drug store yesterday to pick up some things, and the store I went to has a food area so I checked out the loss-leaders for supplies for the kitchen. They had ice-cream treats freezer with lovely trays of frozen cocktail shrimp.. huge shrimp.. with a cocktail sauce. I love shrimp with that tomatoe- horseradish sauce. I have been craving that for months, so I bought one and it is in my fridge on a slow defrost. I am thinking of turning cold shrimp into hot, since they are more prawns than shrimp. I think that if I cut some into chunks, remove the tail parts ( some of the cats like those) and add the sauce, heat that up, and toss that mix onto some hot spaghetti noodles that it will be quite yummy.

I need comfort foods right now. On top of all the other stresses lately, my cats are sick. They have a cat-cold. Poor old Princess Squeeky crawled under the neighbours house yesterday and didn't want to come out, until I crawled under and got lost in the darkness. She then decided that I needed to be saved and lead out and back inside. The cat flap is now locked. I have been having to coax her to even drink but I am as stubborn as she is. Her brother is sneezing and her sister has a throaty cough. Cat-colds can lead to deaths in the old, the very young, and the already ill. They lose their sense of smell and stop eating and drinking.

I had planned to be down on the grounds of the Victoria, BC, Provincial Legislature today to take part in a rally and sit in against the proposed Endbridge tar sands gunk pipeline. It's one of my "bucket list" items, to take part in a rally like that. But this one wasn't possible. ~sigh~. Oh well. Maybe I'll get one in yet ;-)

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