Thursday, November 17, 2016

Poem- To the pain, and no farther.

Another day up and down again.

Another day up
Another day down
Another day a yo-yo.

Get up and moving
Get a sharp pain stab
Get down and stop.

Oh, no,
Please body-
Not Again!

More time down than standing up
More time sitting than moving about
More time with feet up than feet down
More time stuck in one spot.

When the legs won't work the legs don't work
When the knees won't bend the knees don't bend
When the back won't twist the body can't turn
When the feet give out you can't walk about
When the wrists stab and twist
When the hand don't hold
When breathe stealing pains take hold
When the body says "Stop" and "Fold"

The won't power of the body wins.

So it's up for a bit
Until the pain grabs hold
Then back down again
Wait it out
Until it eases
Then up for a bit again

The willpower of the mind
The patience of the spirit
Little by little
Work around, smarter
Work to the pain- no further

Another day up and down again
Another day like so many
Another day doing what I can
To the pain, and no farther.

To the pain, and no farther.

~ (c) Phyllis Griffiths, 2016

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