Thursday, November 17, 2016

Sleepless Nights - Poem by (c) Phyllis Griffiths, 2016

Sleepless night awake again, naturally.

Another early morning still awake
Another late night avoiding pain
Another time active mind
Another time of aching body
Another early late avoiding pain awareness combined

Those who understand these words also know the pain
Those who do not there is no words to explain of
Those nights when distraction is needed
Those times controlled by the thief of sleep called pain
Those nights of blessed sleep are quite rare.

Nothing to do but give up on sleep
Nothing to do but try to distract the mind
Nothing to do but seek whatever comfort there may be
Nothing to do but wait until the body drops
Nothing but pain that can't be treated

Always there is the pain
Always there weak or strong
Always there throughout the body
Always there behind the smiles and tears
Always there, until nothing is left

No answers- as the clock ticks onward towards dawn
for another pain caused, pain filled
Sleepless night awake again

~ (c) Phyllis Griffiths, 2016

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